Boldly greener

Rohe is a flexible option for the purchase of liquefied natural gas (LNG) on land and at sea throughout Finland. We help our customers reduce emissions already today by offering solutions that carry far into the future – in the future, gas will flow greener.

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Industrial LNG

LNG deliveries all over Finland! We deliver gas with trailers, so your company is not dependent on the location of the gas network.

LNG for transport and logistics

Rohe implements a commercial LNG filling station for heavy traffic with expertise and the service model of your choice.

LNG bunkering in Finland with a reliable delivery

Rohe offers a fixed and efficient bunkering option for marine traffic from Hamina LNG terminal or truck to ship in other ports.

Rohe Solutions

Rohe Solutions sells natural gas and liquefied natural gas, i.e. LNG, as well as liquefied biogas, and related services. Rohe offers LNG services for the customer’s entire supply chain for the needs of industry, heavy transport, and maritime transport – also as a complete turnkey solution.

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