Rohe derives its name from the Estonian word roheline, which means green. At Rohe, we believe that gas will flow greener in the future and an important part of our product range, alongside LNG will be renewable liquefied gases such as biogas (LBG) and synthetic methane. Rohe is a partner that helps reduce emissions with solutions that last far into the future.

Rohe Solutions Oy

Rohe Solutions Oy is a joint venture of Hamina Energy and Alexela. The company is engaged in the sales of natural gas and LNG (liquefied natural gas).

Rohe provides LNG services based on the needs of industrial manufacture, heavy goods transport and sea transport. The services range from the mere delivery of LNG to complete turnkey solutions.

Together with its owners and Hamina LNG Oy, which belongs to the same group of companies, Rohe forms a unique gas coaliation. The energy terminal built by Hamina LNG Oy in the port of Hamina is Finland’s first terminal to be connected to the national natural gas transmission network, which enables the storage, processing and distribution of both LNG and renewable gases throughout Finland.

Hamina Energy Ltd

Hamina Energy Ltd is a Finnish energy company which has been operating in its current form for more than 25 years. The history of the company extends to the establishment of the electric utility of the Town of Hamina in 1901. The company developing its business in an ambitious growth trend is nowadays the most prominent local distributor of natural gas in Finland. Hamina Energy is a trailblazer in renewable energy and energy gases, and focuses in particular on wind power, bioenergy and the development of the LNG market.

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Alexela is an Estonian energy company which has reached the age of almost 25 years. The company has evolved to its present configuration from a chain of service stations that sold motor fuels. The Alexela of today is regionally one of the biggest distributors of liquid fuels. It is growing the range of its energy solutions and also its geographical area in a determined manner

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