Rohe derives its name from the Estonian word roheline, which means green. At Rohe, we believe that gas will flow greener in the future and an important part of our product range, alongside LNG will be renewable liquefied gases such as biogas (LBG) and synthetic methane. Rohe is a partner that helps reduce emissions with solutions that last far into the future.

Rohe Solutions Oy

Rohe Solutions Oy is a Finnish subsidiary of the Estonian energy company Alexela. The company is engaged in the sales of natural gas, LNG (liquefied natural gas), biogas and related services. Rohe provides energy services based on the needs of industrial manufacture, heavy goods transport and sea transport. The services range from the mere delivery of LNG to complete turnkey solutions.

Alexela and Haminan Energia established Rohe Solutions as a joint venture in 2018. Following a share transfer that took place in the end of August 2023, Alexela acquired 50% of the remaining shares in Rohe Solutions from Haminan Energia. As a result, Rohe Solutions Oy became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alexela.

Together with Alexela, Haminan Energia and Hamina LNG, Rohe Solutions forms a unique gas coalition. The energy terminal built by Hamina LNG Oy in the port of Hamina is the first terminal in Finland that is connected to the national natural gas transmission network. This enables the storage, processing and distribution of both LNG and renewable gases throughout Finland.


Alexela is an Estonian green innovator that develops a sustainable network of service stations through the creation of filling up facilities for biomethane, LNG, electricity, and hydrogen already in 2024. Alexela provides its customers in Estonia, Latvia and Finland with a unique range of everyday energy products, such as electricity, natural gas, cylinder and tank gas, as well as car fuels in more than 100 service stations across Estonia.

In addition, the company has 41 convenience stores in Estonia, renewable energy production and storage projects already operating and under development with a volume of nearly 1,000 MW, as well as an onshore LNG terminal in Finland. The energy group employs 480 people.

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