LNG bunkering in Finland with a reliable delivery

Do you need bunkering services in the Gulf of Finland or the Gulf of Bothnia? We offer reliable LNG bunkering services, either flexibly from Rohe Solutions’ trucks all over Finland or directly from the LNG terminal in Hamina. In the near future, we will also provide Bio-LNG bunkering.

Whether you need a continuous LNG supply or one-time bunkering, we are happy to help you. We also support you in the bunkering process by helping you with preparations and providing necessary documentation.

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Terminal-to-ship bunkering

Rohe Solutions arranges bunkering from the Hamina LNG terminal. We serve our bunkering customers in Hamina – contact us, and we will arrange LNG bunkering from the terminal according to your needs.

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Truck-to-ship bunkering

We transport LNG to all ports depending on your needs. As shown on the map, several Finnish ports are already equipped for bunkering LNG from trucks. If needed, we can also bunker at other ports – reach out to us!

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LNG bunkering for shipping companies

LNG bunkering supports your shipping company in the green transition. Rohe Solutions can serve your shipping company either directly or through agents. We have the capability to deliver large volumes of LNG to meet the needs of a shipping company. In our deliveries we can combine truck-to-ship and shore-to-ship deliveries for efficiency.

We are happy to support your shipping company with its LNG requirements!

LNG bunkering for ports

The possibility of LNG bunkering in your port will make it more attractive. The number of vessels using LNG as fuel is increasing. With our assistance, your port can expand its service offerings and support maritime transport in the green transition. We can support your port in different bunkering terminal projects or in the creation of truck-to-ship bunkering processes.

LNG is a stable, greener fuel

LNG, or liquefied natural gas, is a safe and stable fuel when handled correctly. We are committed to strict safety processes in our operations. We provide you with all the reports you need regarding your fuel delivery.

Using LNG supports the use of lower-emission fuels, such as Bio-LNG, as well. Rohe Solutions will soon distribute Bio-LNG. We continuously explore sources and distribution opportunities for other renewable fuels as well.

Click here to read our news about starting biogas liquefaction at the Hamina LNG terminal!

Different contracts for varying needs


Rohe Solutions is keen to form long-term bunkering agreements. Customer-oriented and flexible service is at the core of our LNG bunkering services. We support your company in arranging bunkering and are happy to share our knowledge with our partners.

While bunkering agreements are often long-term, here at Rohe Solutions we can also provide short-term bunkering for new customers quickly, if needed. Spot deliveries in a port that has been previously approved for bunkering can be arranged within a few days.

Did you know this about our bunkering services?

Bunkering refers to refueling maritime vessels. Rohe provides bunkering services for gas-powered ocean vessels and international shipping companies. Bunkering can be carried out from the Hamina LNG terminal and, using the truck-to-ship method, from other ports. LNG, especially Bio-LNG and future synthetic fuels, represents a significant step in the green transition of maritime transport.

The LNG we use always comes from verified sources and responsible procurement channels. Our domestic and international procurement channels ensure reliable distribution even in exceptional circumstances.