Rohe Solutions’ delivery volumes more than tripled – Growth targeted through service development and renewable gases

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Rohe Solutions’ 2023 financial statement has been confirmed. Last year once again demonstrated how sensitive yet continuously growing the gas market is. In 2024, we aim for further growth and continue to develop our service offerings for our expanding customer base as a subsidiary of the energy innovator Alexela in Finland.

Sales volume multiplied – Delivery reliability still at 100%

The growing demand for natural gas and LNG, along with the continuous development of our service offerings, propelled Rohe towards planned business growth. Last year, our delivery volumes more than tripled, and the number of LNG customers increased significantly. Despite the tripled volumes, we have managed to maintain 100 percent delivery reliability for all orders. According to our customer satisfaction survey, our customers would also recommend our ever-expanding service offerings to other potential customers.

Rohe Solutions has established itself as a reliable supplier of natural gas and LNG in the Finnish market. In October 2023, the rupturing of the Balticconnector gas pipeline caused a stir, and many industrial operators were concerned about the availability of gas during the winter. Shortly after the extent of the damage was clarified, we were the first domestic operator to announce that the pipeline outage would not affect the availability of gas for customers. Our company has diversified its gas procurement channels, and the availability of natural gas for customers is ensured through the Hamina LNG terminal.

Rohe Solutions in numbers
Rohe Solutions’ business drivers of the present and future.
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Ownership change expands horizons and develops service offerings

Rohe Solutions’ ownership structure was one of the most significant changes for us last year. In August 2023, the Estonian energy innovator Alexela, which has been a co-owner since the beginning, acquired Hamina Energia Oy’s shares of the company. As a result of the share transaction, Rohe Solutions Oy became a wholly owned subsidiary of Alexela in September.

The ownership change creates new growth opportunities. Alexela is a well-known player in the Baltics, and the group’s energy portfolio includes the sale of electricity, LNG and natural gas and electric vehicle charging solutions, as well as a chain of gas stations. With Alexela supporting our business operations, we can offer an even broader range of services. We can learn from Alexela’s operations in the Baltic region and implement those practices in the Finnish market. The new ownership structure provides a solid foundation for executing our growth strategy in the Finnish market.

Bio-LNG supports our growth – Moving towards synthetic gases

Rohe Solutions’ strategy in the near future is based especially on providing renewable gases. We are a partner that connects renewable gas producers and users. In 2023 we started a development project to liquefy biogas from the grid. The project will continue towards action and deliveries of Bio-LNG will start from Hamina LNG terminal already during summer 2024. The goal is to increase the availability of liquefied biogas rapidly.

The biogas liquefied from the grid will be referred to as Bio-LNG, following international market terminology. In March 2024, we received ISCC certifications that enable liquefaction. Thus, we will be able to carry out the first pilot deliveries of Bio-LNG soon.

Investments in LNG logistics, expertise, and bunkering services continue

Bio based and synthetic gases – not to mention advancing hydrogen technology and other new fuels – guide the direction of our growth strategy. However, LNG and deliveries outside the gas transmission network remain an important part of our business. Our mission is to ensure the reliable delivery of gas for all our customers. Since many customers turn to a gas supplier when it’s time to take concrete steps towards greener energy solutions, we aim to provide green solutions as well. We also offer our customers compulsory stockpiling services and alternative LNG delivery solutions in case of pipeline network disruptions.

LNG deliveries to locations outside the gas grid are carried out by trucks, and reliable deliveries are ensured thanks to our professional logistics personnel. To serve our customers in the best possible way, we have been expanding our transportation fleet and investing in our logistics development. This spring, we introduced two new jumbo trailers, further increasing our LNG transport capacity. In the future, we will also offer our LNG customers new services, such as operational and maintenance services.

The demand for LNG bunkering in maritime traffic has increased, and we are investing in the development of bunkering operations. We offer truck-to-ship bunkering in several Finnish ports and direct bunkering from the Hamina LNG terminal.

Continuous improvement and listening to customer feedback

Overall, we develop our operations in every aspect to offer reliable deliveries and serve our customers as well as possible. We are always happy to receive feedback and suggestions for improvement from our customers – after all, customer satisfaction, along with a functioning gas infrastructure and reliable deliveries, is a matter of heart for us at Rohe Solutions!

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