Rohe Solutions the first to bunker directly from terminal to ship at the Hamina LNG terminal

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Rohe Solutions’ first terminal-to-ship bunkering was performed on Monday evening from the Hamina LNG terminal. The bunkering was the first of its kind at the Hamina LNG terminal. Thus it was also the first of its kind for the terminal company Hamina LNG Oy, operating the terminal. The bunkering operation went smoothly and safely thanks to the cooperation of the operators involved.

The trader for the bunkering was Glander International Bunkering. Rohe Solutions has already successfully performed truck-to-ship bunkering with them in the port of Kokkola. Mikko Korpinen, Sales Manager responsible for the bunkering at Rohe Solutions, comments:

“Bunkering from the LNG terminal in Hamina is always an efficient option, when a large quantity of LNG is needed at once.”

“Cooperation with both Glander and the end customer has been smooth during the bunkering operations. Thanks to this, bunkering has been possible even at a short notice – without compromising safety and quality,” Korpinen tells about the recent operations.

Diverse services for maritime transport – including Bio-LNG

“We are able to bunker at the Hamina LNG terminal and also from trucks at other Finnish ports. This means that we can offer a wide range of services for maritime transport. We can serve a variety of customers and respond flexibly to their needs,” says Sanna Kokkonen, CEO of Rohe Solutions.

As a further example of said flexibility, Kokkonen mentions Rohe Solutions’ constantly evolving Bio-LNG offering. It enables the bunkering of liquefied biogas from both the Hamina LNG terminal and other ports.

“Bio-LNG further diversifies our service offering. It will help maritime transport to meet its emission reduction targets in the near future,” Kokkonen concludes.

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