What types of safety measures are needed?

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Natural gas is a combustible gas, and in uncontrolled conditions it can form explosive concentrations. To prevent and control this, the operator must carry out an explosion hazard assessment of the equipment before putting the equipment into operation. The assessment must take into account the scale and circumstances of the equipment. The Finnish Natural Gas Decree (551/2009) provides details for the zone classification of certain facilities.

When an explosion hazard is assessed at a facility, the operator must draw up an explosion protection document. It must be ready during the commissioning phase, but a preliminary explosion protection document must be included in the building permit application.

The basic idea in the assessment of risk of explosion is that potential leakage situations are assessed in advance, preparations are made for them by means of planned technical solutions, and procedures for potential exceptional situations are prepared in advance. The assessment should be as practical as possible.

In all cases, an assessment of the consequences of a gas or LNG emission must be carried out. This can be done on the basis of standard SFS-EN 13645. Validated simulation software, for example, can be used to support the assessment of the consequences.

More detailed information and operating guidelines related to LNG customer tanks can be found in a publication of the Finnish Gas Association: https://www.kaasuyhdistys.fi/julkaisut/lng-asiakassailiot/

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