What is the permitting practice for a customer tank of LNG?

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The construction of a customer tank for LNG requires permits issued by various authorities. The permitting practice varies to some extent from one municipality to another, and the necessary permits must be determined in connection with the design of the customer tank.

An application for a building permit or operating permit must be submitted to the local authority in charge of supervision of construction.

A building permit is required if the amount of gas stored is at least 5 tonnes. The building permit is issued by Tukes, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency. During the permit processing stage, Tukes requests an opinion from the rescue authority and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

The specific features of the facility should be discussed with the local rescue authority as early as the design stage.

The facility may only be commissioned after Tukes has given an operating permit following a commissioning inspection carried out by Tukes. An approved inspection body carries out the necessary technical inspections during the construction phase. The operator must make sure that the inspections are carried out. If the amount of gas to be stored is more than 0.2 tonnes but less than 5 tonnes, the facility must be notified to Tukes.

Rohe carries out the studies required by the permitting process and safety as part of its total service!

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